We realize what it means to run business in Russia. We approach all problems practically with no illusions or rose-tinted glasses.


We work to make your life easier! Our online service provides convenient hours – every day from 10:00 to 19:00.

You just need to
  • Choose a bank,
  • Provide us with your phone number.

Our manager will contact you as soon as possible.

Further, you should
  • Send a set of documents to us
  • We fulfill all required formalities on your behalf and send all required documents to partner branches, and
  • The director signs the agreement in the bank and opens a settlement account.

If you can’t find the necessary bank in the list, you can send an email about it to us. We will meet your wish and add the required bank.


You email a request to us.


We agree on a date of our meeting or online conference.


We make the initial estimation and create your business model.


We set goals and define stages of your business.


We assist your business in the form of consultations and train your employees.


We implement the project of your business optimization and enter the Russian market.

About us

Our team consists of experienced specialists in economics, finances, management, and personnel management.

Our product is your comfort when improving your complex business scheme. As a result, you get a top quality business plan, efficient planning, and budgeting, a flexible model of management accounting, automation of organization systems, as well as qualified employees who will support the circumspect and smooth financial structure and do their best to further improve the achieved goals.

We use various types of communication
  • Personal meetings,
  • E-mail,
  • Electronic messengers, and
  • Phone.

We take into account all your useful wishes and offers on improving our work and service. That is why we try to make our communication with you quick and efficient because speed in our business is the guarantee of your success!

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Business in Russia has its peculiarities. If you consider our country as a platform for your business growth and you need to sell, buy, agree on, analyze, and verify something, you have found the correct place.

Financial consulting is a complex of services that results in an efficient and reliable system of financial management in the Russian Federation.

Our team of specialists will analyze the performance of the financial management system for your company or organization and will help you to identify inefficient solutions. We will develop an adequate strategy for management and accounting that will improve the level of efficiency of the company resources. We will help you to adapt to our market. In order to do this, let us know what business model you want to develop.

Nowadays financial consulting is one of the most demanded services for foreign entrepreneurs. It allows you to improve the competitiveness of your company. Our team will help you to make a business plan and with further audits. You can be sure in the result because all consultations are carried out by experienced financial consultants who rationally allocate funds, decrease taxes and reduce risks.

Verifying the counter-agent’s reliability. Our informational and analytical agency will help you to verify your counter-agents subject to

  • Reliability,
  • Payment capacity, and
  • Business reputation.

The goal of this procedure is business intelligence, and providing true business information. Unfortunately, like in any other country, in our country there are frequent frauds. You can be cheated on purpose, due to lack of experience, or inner deception. We guarantee an individual approach and exclude such schemes. After the verification we provide full information about the company you are interested in, and make an analytical conclusion that will contain the following provisions. It is possible that our independent analyst will visit the required company to carry out the verification and relieve any misapprehensions. We will make all necessary pictures and video, study the company internally, and make a detailed conclusion about the competence of your potential counter-agent. This will prevent risks related to losing money and cheating. The service cost depends on the counter-agent’s location.

  • The borrower’s reputation,
  • Financial opportunities and level of the client’s payment capacity,
  • State contracts according the Federal law 223
  • Information about arbitration cases, and
  • Information about accounting reports.

The verification by polygraph allows to reveal the information hidden by a person, revealing the veracity of facts, revealing witnesses or false witnesses, helping to rehabilitate suspected people, and revealing certain facts on a certain investigation.

Using the polygraph, it is possible to reveal some person’s psychic or negative affections including

  • Excessive drinking and drugs use,
  • Illegal source of income,
  • Relation to criminals,
  • Financial malpractice,
  • Propensity towards conflict,
  • Laziness,
  • Discontent with labor, etc.

If it is important for you,

  • To be sure in the veracity of your interlocutor’s words,
  • To know whether you are hiring the correct person in your company,
  • To avoid financial losses and fraud in your company,
  • To eliminate tension in your team and
  • To find the guilty person in case of an emergency.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will help you to break a deadlock and investigate the case accurately. You can be sure in the accurateness of our polygraph, which will allow you to be confident about the final result of the verification.

We offer you the basic advantages of acquiring an incumbent legal entity in our company:
  • You get a complete package of the required prepared documents for your company and fully paid charter capital.
  • You get a real legal address.
  • You save time (approximately, 2-3 weeks that would be spent for founding and registering a new organization. However, when acquiring an incumbent company, you can spend this time promoting your business).
  • You are ready to carry out financial and bank operations on the day of acquiring a company.

We guarantee that you will acquire a legally sound and legitimate LLC without any debt obligations. Our team sells companies that may or may not have their settlement account. In case of necessity, we can register any license you will need for business in Russia.

All you need is to leave a request on our website and we will select the most suitable company for you. We guarantee you full legitimacy of all our actions when acquiring your company. After acquiring an incumbent company, we will provide you with

  • Sales and purchase agreement our company will conclude with you,
  • A complete package of documents for this company.

Accounting reports are one of the main outsourcing services that are widespread in the area of small and medium-sized business. Accounting outsourcing is one of the main ways to provide accounting in the company. Besides, with accounting outsourcing, you do not have to form your own accounting department. Statistics on our company’s clients show that so called “distance” accounting allows you to decrease expenses on accounting by approximately 4-6 times!

We offer you the following options. You can choose the most suitable for you:
  • Create report documents,
  • Accounting and auditing,
  • Full services including annual accounting, development and implementation of primary documentation, creating reports.
Accounting outsourcing has 7 key advantages the company owner enjoys when ordering this area of accounting service:
  • Reduction of expenses,
  • Possible rational allocation of resources,
  • Minimum human factor,
  • Top quality,
  • Possible provision of additional services,
  • Legal responsibility, and
  • Insurance of possible risks.
Cooperation with us


It is known that good collaboration, cooperation in other words, makes it possible to strengthen the competitive position. If your company has not yet collaborated, we suggest that you use our services!

We offer you only rational solutions that will help you to achieve a useful result.

We are ready to cooperate and help any companies – both small and large. Dedicating time to achieve spectacular results of our customers is our main goal that makes us special when compared to others!

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